VIDEO: Seed Club Presents: Fireside Chat with Kevin Chou, Co-Founder of Rally

Seed Club hosted a virtual event where Rally co-founder Kevin Chou sat down with Brian Flynn (with an introduction by Jess Sloss) to discuss Rally Mainnet launch plans on Thursday, October 15, as well as the vision behind the project, early successes and the overall promise of social tokens. Video below.

Video of Kevin Chou and Brian Flynn discussing Rally Mainnet launch

Apply here if you’re a Creator or brand interested in your own Creator Coin or Brand Coin. In the next few days before launch, the best way to earn RLY is to refer your favorite Creator or Brand to create their token. Currently, we’re whitelisting Creators who have at least 2,000 followers on their main social platform; after Oct 15th, new Creators will need to be approved by the community governance mechanism.

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Global Head of Communications for Rally

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Kurt Patat

Kurt Patat

Global Head of Communications for Rally

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