Rally Partners with Former UFC Heavyweight Champion & Olympian Daniel Cormier To Support Student Athletes Impacted by COVID-19

Cormier to Donate All Taki Proceeds to Wrestling Prep Organization Offering Free Online Seminars and Training to Young Wrestlers Prepping for College During Coronavirus Crisis

Daniel Cormier will donate all proceeds from his Taki bookings to Wrestling Prep

Today we announced a partnership with former UFC Heavyweight Champion and Olympian Daniel Cormier where he will donate all proceeds from his Taki bookings to Wrestling Prep, a training and competitive organization that offers the best trainers in the industry while assisting with college admissions and recruiting preparations. In response to COVID-19, Wrestling Prep is committed to providing free online seminars and training for student athletes during coronavirus shutdown.

“With so many students unable to continue their training due to Coronavirus related shutdowns, Wrestling Prep is a much needed resource to keep athletes active and training,” said Daniel Cormier. “I am blessed to have amazing fans that Taki allows me to hear from and communicate with directly while giving back and helping the next generation of wrestlers.”

Each month, Cormier will offer fans the opportunity to connect with him directly by purchasing a Taki for $100 with all proceeds going directly to the Wrestling Prep organization. Cormier has committed to ten videos per month which are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Fans can engage with Cormier in a variety of different ways by requesting insight on his historic career, seeking training, personal advice or a motivational pep talk for themselves or a loved one. Once Cormier fulfills the request, Taki will send the video directly to the fan who can then share it across their social media accounts, send it as a gift or enjoy it privately.

A dedicated supporter of Carolyn Wester, founder and head coach at Wrestling Prep, Cormier chose to support this organization because of how valuable a resource it has been for the wrestling community and how collaborative their relationship has been in the past. The connection comes from both of them teaching at American Kickboxing Academy and has now evolved into this new Taki campaign that encourages continued training for aspiring athletes.

“During this national time of social distancing and in response to the Covid 19 Pandemic, Wrestling Prep is providing extensive no cost comprehensive online seminars and training around important ancillary areas of needed expertise for success in being recruited and competition,” said Carolyn Wester, founder of WrestlingPrep. “Partnering with Daniel and Taki is helping raise awareness and funding in such a critical time for youth.”

Wrestling Prep will continue to offer free online wrestling classes that teach athletes how to get recruited online, how to make weight plus nutritional advice during the ongoing pandemic. As of yesterday, they’ve had more than 600 student athletes participate in their webinars.Registrations can be made here.

Global Head of Communications for Rally