New Creator Coin Spotlight

New Coins from Livibee and Vibe

This week we spotlight new Creator Coins from Livibee and Vibe.

Livibee, Bee Coin:

  • Livibee is an Australian Gamer/ Cosplayer that is very passionate about crypto.
  • 107K followers on Twitch
  • Bee Coin launched on Saturday, January 30
  • 95 supporters
  • 147 transactions
  • 172k $RLY Backing
  • 50k in purchases

Watch as she walks fans through how to get her coin.

Vibe, VIBU Coin

  • StarCraft II Pro Player, and variety streamer, that offers coaching lessons, community competitions, and educational content for his ride-or-die fanbase.
  • VIBU Coin launched on 1/22
  • 90 Supporters
  • ~100K $RLY Backing
  • $33k in purchases
  • Massive success from running daily FFA tournaments for fans, and offering 1:1 wagers for doubling their ViBU coins.

Check out him highlighting some early benefits and rewards