Introducing KSK Honda Coin from Famed International Soccer Star Keisuke Honda

  • Exclusive Video Updates: Holders will get regular video updates of Keisuke on and off the field as he travels the world
  • Private Chats: Holders will have access to private Discord chat with Keisuke
  • Social Recognition for Biggest Supporters: Keisuke will recognize his biggest KSK Honda coin fans with special social posts

“I decided to create my social token to build new connections with my most loyal fans,” said Keisuke Honda. “This is a new type of innovative ‘fan club’ that I will be experimenting with Rally so that my fans can benefit and be connected anywhere in the world. Although much of this project is still undecided, I’ll make one promise: any money that is made from this project will be used towards positive impact and I will be 100% transparent with my token holders about how it will be spent.”



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